Having Another Bad Day!

  • Hello out there! I am trying to figure this out again. Last post disappeared after writing it. I will get this figured out. I probably would if I did this more. I have been sick so it’s been a lil hard to do. I am taking otc Alkaseltzer Plus now and it’s helping alot!
  • One of my illnesses is PTSD. It’s hard to explain how this affects a person. There are good days and then when this decides to pay a visit I never know what’s in store. I can’t take medications for my mental illnesses. So I have to roll with it so to speak.
  • To say I have had a traumatic life would be an understatement! You could say I have survived a war although I am not a soldier. I grew up being a victim and survivor of all kinds of abuse.
  • This were the PTSD comes from “My life”!! Those that have PTSD know that a song, a date, a smell, a sound or a word can trigger a flashback. For me Christmas, Mother’s Day and September 29th are sad days for me. I won’t get into why just that they are very depressing days for me.
  • Then there are songs, movies and sounds. I can hear boy george sing or a clarinet play and I am severely depressed the rest of the day. Watching rocky movies, et or hear eye of the tiger and its on to a very depressed, getting into bed day.
  • These things used to bring me great joy but now they bring sadness. Its because these bring memories of my sister’s murder. The things we did together as best friends and sisters are now triggers for me.I lost a huge part of me mothers day 1988! Not only do these things cuz sadness or an ache in my heart but it also brings guilt, hate and bitterness. That’s what living with PTSD everyday is.
  • Is there a cure for PTSD? No there isn’t. I have to try to get thru it when these days occur with no medications. I can’t take anything. It’s hard too. If you are like me and can’t take meds for mental illnesses I would welcome any tips or advice. I am gonna close this here so goodbye out there til next time!!

Author: karensviews007

I am 43. I am a mother and grandmother. I have two pomeranians. I am a product reviewer. I love clothes, make-up, shoes, purses and trying new things! I love all types of movie and music. Stick around. Y'all get to know me and my family! What I have to say may be of help to you or someone you know! Please feel free to share my blog!

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